The Notebook

Drupal Starshot: Delivering on a promise to Ambitious Site Builders

For me the introduction of the Starshot initiative raised concerns about a potential divide in the community and not going far enough into the no code space. However, further exploration revealed that Starshot is not a separate version of Drupal but an enhancement built on Drupal Core. Features such as Recipes, Experience Manager, and Project Browser aim to simplify site building and encourage community growth. Making it seem that Starshot could deliver on the promise made to support Ambitious Site Builders.

DrupalCon 2023 - Helpful Resources

These are helpful resources from my talk at DrupalCon Pittsburgh in June of 2023. These resources accompany a talk on Open Source Principles and Organizational Governance.

5 open source principles that help organizational governance

Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to work with many organizations of various sizes on a variety of projects. All of these projects had open source software at their core, and most contributed what they could back to the open source community. I recently worked on a greenfield project using open source software within a large organization. After the MVP phase of the project, the organization's leadership was interested in learning what led to project success and how they could apply it to other teams across the organization.

2022: A Year in Review

This year has gone by in the blink of an eye. As I sit here half way through the last week of the year, It got me thinking about everything I did this year. I figured I would get a start on one of next years goals, more blogging. Here it goes 2022: A year in review!

Open source runs on non-code contributions

At this year's DrupalCon North America, EPAM Solution Architect John Picozzi presented a talk about the importance of non-code contribution. He talked about how everyone can get involved and why he believes this is an important topic. This article is a text adaptation of John's talk; find a link below to a video recording of the complete presentation at DrupalCon.

DrupalCon Portland 2022 : The Highlights

This year’s DrupalCon marked the first in-person North American DrupalCon in two years. Here is a recap of my experience and some of the highlights from Portland.

Config Management Basics Training Class Notes

These class notes are for my Configuration Management Basics Training. This training was last given at Drupal Govcon as a half day training. These class notes can be used to get started with Drupal Configuration Management.