DrupalCon Portland 2024 Community Summit: Drupal Resources

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I was asked to do a lightning talk highlighting all the Drupal Resources available to folks in the community. Here is the list I developed. Enjoy!

Update: Here is a link to the slides and video 


  • Talking Drupal

    • Talking Drupal is a weekly podcast that focuses on topics related to Drupal and web development.  Available in both audio and video, is caters to Drupal developers, themers, site builders, and anyone involved with the Drupal community.  Talking Drupal  covers a wide range of topics from technical reviews, new module discussions, and updates on Drupal core to community events and interviews with key contributors.   Each episode brings insightful dialogue, tips, and experiences shared by hosts and guests who are professionals deeply embedded in the Drupal ecosystem. The conversational format aims to educate, inform, and provide a space for the Drupal community to stay connected and informed about the latest trends and changes in technology.
  • Drupal Easy

    • Started in 2009, the DrupalEasy Podcast is a weekly review of new developments and announcements in the worldwide Drupal community with regular appearances by notable Drupal community contributors. Rotating co-hosts Andrew Riley, Anna Kalata, Kelley Curry, Michael Anello, Ryan Price, and Ted Bowman bring their collected experience and geeky obsessions to the virtual airwaves to enlighten, inform, and (sometimes) entertain Drupal hobbyists and professionals around the world. Subscribe in iTunes, Stitcher, directly from our feed, or your favorite podcast directory.
  • Lullabot Podcast

    • News, interviews, and tips about Drupal and Open Source from the team at Lullabot.
  • Digital Experience Podcast by Dropsolid

    • Welcome to the Digital Experience Podcast by Dropsolid, where we talk about all things digital: from strategy and technologies like Drupal to automation and from data or DXP ecosystems to success stories. With every episode, we dig a little deeper into the true value, the best practices, and the positive effect of frictionless experiences. With one goal in mind: the best digital experiences for your organization and your stakeholders.
  • Tag1 Team Talks

    • Tag1 Team talks is the vlog and podcast of Tag1 Consulting. In our talks, we invite members of the Drupal community, leaders and contributors from other open source projects, and some of our clients to talk about their projects, how open source benefits everyone, the benefits and issues with current technologies, and what's in store for the future.

News / Newsletters

  • Talking Drupal

    • Get the Talking Drupal Newsletter to learn more about our guest host, show news, upcoming shows, and much more
  • The Weekly Drop

    • A free weekly email newsletter including Drupal news, tutorials, and articles. Subscribe and join over 12000 other subscribers today.
  • The Drupal Association Newsletter

    • This monthly email will update you on all the latest news for the Drupal community. From changes to the project, to DrupalCon announcements, to improvements to Drupal.org and more, the Drupal Association email newsletter will keep you up to date on the latest news.
  • The Drop Times

    • Looking for the latest news and updates on Drupal? You are in the right place. One-stop-shop for anything related to Drupal. Subscribe now!

Talks / Training / Tutorials

  • Drupal Easy

    • DrupalEasy Academy instructor-led programs are the fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to learn Drupal. Our online and in-person programs serve individuals and teams who wish to discover, build, and apply their Drupal knowledge successfully.
  • Drupalize.me

    • As the world’s leading Drupal training service, Drupalize.Me provides instant access to our curated, up-to-date library of premium written and video tutorials. We cover the full range of topics for novices to experts, along with a stellar support team to help you on your journey. Drupal is a powerful content management system and your Drupal development journey starts here, with access to an online tutorial library trusted by thousands of individuals and organizations around the world.
  • Debug Academy

    • Our personalized approach to teaching allows us to cater to individual student strengths and interests. Students are part of a real development team working on real projects. You'll even leave with a working portfolio and applied experience on a software project led by a senior developer.
  • Drupal TV

  • Drupal Association YouTube

  • Understanding Drupal

  • DrupalTutor

    • Learn Drupal with our instructor-led online classes. The convenience of online video with a live instructor there to help you.
  • OS Training

    • The online world is one of constant change and requires you to be a life-long seeker of knowledge and skills to be at top of your game. We help you by creating easy-to-follow courses & books that allow you to learn at your own pace.


  • Drupal 10 Masterclass

    • Learning Drupal can be challenging because of its robust, extensible, and powerful capability for digital experiences, making it difficult for beginners to grasp and use it for application development. If you’re looking to break into Drupal with hands-on knowledge, this Drupal 10 Masterclass is for you.
  • Drupal 10 Development Cookbook

    • This new and improved third edition cookbook is packed with the latest Drupal 10 features such as a new, flexible default frontend theme - Olivero, and improved administrative experience with a new theme - Claro. This comprehensive recipe book provides updated content on the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing experience, improved core code performance, and code cleanup.
  • Drupal 10 Module Development

    • Embark on a journey of Drupal module development with the latest edition of this must-have guide written by Daniel Sipos – a Drupal community member! This fourth edition is meticulously revised to cover the latest Drupal 10 enhancements that will help you build custom Drupal modules with an understanding of code deprecations, changing architecture, data modeling, multilingual ecosystem, and so on. 
  • Modernizing Drupal 10 Theme Development

    • Working with themes in Drupal can be challenging, given the number of layers and APIs involved. Modernizing Drupal 10 Theme Development helps you explore the new Drupal 10’s theme layer in depth. With a fully implemented Drupal website on the one hand and a set of Storybook components on the other, you’ll begin by learning to create a theme from scratch to match the desired final layout. Once you’ve set up a local environment, you’ll get familiarized with design systems and learn how to map them to the structures of a Drupal website. 
  • Drupal Book

    • This book is a quick reference for developers creating Drupal sites. While working on such sites during my career, I have gathered a large collection of notes and code which I use for my reference. I hope it will be useful for you, too.


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